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On Road Vehicle Fire Suppression

On road vehicle automatic fire suppression systems are designed to protect people and assets. Our range of A+ Performance PMark SPCR 183 and R107 systems ensure the ultimate protection.

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Off Road Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Reacton offers a range of automatic fire suppression system sizes ensuring that no matter what the asset or environment we have a certified solution that protects the operator and machine from the devasting consequences of fire.

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Heavy Equipment Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Reacton’s heavy equipment automatic fire suppression systems are certified to the most demanding standards such as PMark SPCR199. This standard allows a clear comparison between different types of systems. Its no surprise that all Reacton systems score A+.

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Industrial Equipment Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Industrial Equipment automatic fire suppression systems require bespoke design and testing to ensure the highest levels of protection and robustness.

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Power Generation Automatic Fire Suppression

Power generation and renewable power systems have unique challenges when it comes to fire protection. Electrical fires start due to lightning strikes, short circuits, electric arcs and resistive heating due to circuit overloads. Diesel powered generators also present specific fire protection challenges as they must often work in remote location under full load without interruption.

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CNC Fire Protection Systems

Automatic fire suppression systems to protect CNC Machines. Our CNC fire protection systems ensure that CNC machine shops are protected from the risks of fire.

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Electrical Panel Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Electrical panels and enclosures are found in every industry across the world. Reacton® have a proven, cost-effective automatic fire suppression system to eliminate fires at the source.

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Data Centre and Rack Cabinets Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

As cloud computing removes the need for big server rooms. Protecting communication rooms is at the heart of Reacton.

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Residential Kitchens Automatic Fire Suppression

In residential & domestic kitchens, fires can rapidly cause severe building damage and therefore a highlighted risk for occupants. Reacton® offers protection without false alarms to houses and apartment blocks across the globe.

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Marine Automatic Fire Protection Systems

We help protect port machinery across the globe ensuring the safety of operators and cargo.

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Laboratory Fume Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Reacton supply laboratory fume hood fire suppression systems to help you protect your valuable assets and equipment, as well as to improve your site safety.

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PT Liotec Mitra Utama is an authorised distributor of Reacton Fire Suppression Ltd. supplying systems to PT Liotec Mitra Utama from their UK based global headquarters. Here the designing and testing of all PT Liotec Mitra Utama products occur in strict facilities. With all products being recognised by the Made in Britain association, Reacton holds a range of globally recognised approvals. Systems are certified to P-Mark 199, P-Mark 183, UNECE R107 Regulations, ISO 9001:2015 and LPCB LPS 1666.


  • Energy and Utilities
  • Cement factories and raw materials
  • Food and Beverage
  • Machine tools and metal forming
  • sawing machines
  • Presses
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Mining and construction
  • MQL: Near Dry Machining
  • Other special application
  • Paper and wood
  • Railways
  • Steel and aluminum
  • Textiles