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Agriculture Automatic Lubrication System
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Construction Automatic Lubrication System
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On Road Automatic Lubrication System
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Industry Automatic Lubrication System
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Mining Automatic Lubrication System
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Food Automatic Lubrication System
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Green Energy Automatic Lubrication System
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Printing Automatic Lubrication System
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PT Liotec Mitra Utama is an authorised distributor of ILC Srl. supplying systems to PT Liotec Mitra Utama from their Italy based global headquarters. Here the designing and testing of all PT Liotec Mitra Utama products occur in strict facilities.

Common Lubrication Systems

Progressive Lubrication

It is the most reliable and comprehensive system offered by Liotec to measure grease and oil with actual control on operation. The 3 types of progressive metering can be combined with automatic or manual pumps or powered directly from a single point in the system. Suitable for industrial machinery and the vehicle sector.

Grease Volumetric Lubrication (sINGLE-LINE)

Consisting on electric or hydraulic pumps combined with big valves, the grease volumetric system can provide oil or grease. Normally installed in mining machinery, it allows lubrication in long distance systems very easily. it is also possible to control pump operation and circuit integrity.


The electric TWIN-2 has been designed for all applications that use Double Line Systems. The Double Line lubrication systems, generally used on medium and large sized machinery and equipment, operate in harsh or extreme operating conditions for the various points to be lubricated. The systems can be very complex and be longer than 100 metres. Any type of system can be designed and set up in a reliable and efficient manner, with the possibility of expansion.

We have every lubrication solution that fit your needs.


  • Energy and Utilities
  • Food and Beverage
  • Machine tools and metal forming
  • sawing machines
  • Presses
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Mining and construction
  • Other special application
  • Paper and wood
  • Steel and aluminum
  • Textiles