Hydraulic Tools

PT Liotec Mitra Utama is an authorized distributor of Epower700

Nitreg® ONC®

E-POWER 700™ products are the only ones in the sector treated with the Nitreg® ONC® process which, for many years now, has been carried out exclusively within our plants. This process is a thermo-chemical treatment applied to steel, that starts with the liquid nitriding phase followed by an oxidation phase, causing a change in the steel’s superficial chemical structure.
This alteration makes steel exceptionally hard and resistant to corrosion. The already enhanced resistance is further strengthened with the application of a special oil that coats the treated surfaces and makes them immune to corrosion (tests conducted in saline smoked rooms show up to 300 hours of resistance to corrosion according to ASTM B117).

E-POWER 700™

The manufacturing program of 700 bar components is based on innovative technology and on our longstanding experience in high pressure hydraulics.
The ideal choice of materials combined with surfaces treated and protected against corrosion makes
E-POWER 700™ products suitable for use in harsh environments.
Furthermore, E-POWER 700™ hydraulic cylinders can withstand off-centred and side load forces up to 8% of their nominal capacity.
Most of our models are in compliance with ANSI (American National Standard Institute) B30.1 Standard.

E-POWER 700™

E-POWER 700™ combines the widest selection of high pressure hydraulic pumps available with reliability, durability and built-in safety.
Countless applications are possible with E-POWER 700™ hydraulic power unit configurations, including manual pumps, gas powered pumps, air driven pumps, and electric driven pumps.
Our high pressure hydraulic pumps offer a one year guarantee against any defects in materials or workmanship, and are designed to make you more productive and efficient in the work you perform.

Bolting Tools

For over 30 years, TORC LLC has manufactured hydraulic torque wrenches for some of the most renown Torque Wrench Companies in the world. Our Wrenches offer quality, durability and a highly competitive price structure achievable with what is known to be one of the most modern machining facilities in the U.S.A.


Plug-in and battery-powered bolting systems for portability and convenience.


Air powered products is the simple solution for industrial maintenance.


Hydraulic bolting systems are torque and tension machines.


FRLs, Reaction Fixtures
and socket for your bolting 


FRLs, Reaction Fixtures
and socket for your bolting