Your Reliable Partner in Safety and Maintenance Equipment

PT Liotec Mitra Utama is a distributor partner for the maintenance and safety of heavy equipment, construction and industrial equipment. As a company that focuses on sales, installation, spare parts and repair of supporting equipment for safety and maintenance of heavy equipment, construction and industry, PT Liotec Mitra Utama remains consistent in serving customers in providing world-class products.

In the global market and free trade, it has encouraged PT Liotec Mitra Utama remains committed to providing the best product service in terms of service, quality and price. Customer satisfaction is one of our focuses in providing the best solutions.

Cooperation and synergy with customers and other corporate partners, both from within and outside as a support for us to continue to focus on providing the best service to customers.

PT Liotec Mitra Utama has a lot of installation experience in various brands and types of heavy equipment and machines working in the mining, construction and industrial sectors in Indonesia.

PT Liotec Mitra Utama has the best team and Principal supports that work with OEM in making of the design and standard drawing in each equipment with a compatible application.

After Sales

  • Warranty installation for parts and services for 12 months
  • Mechanic on siteduring warranty period (for certain installation)
  • Parts consignment.
  • Service Maintenance Contract.